About Us

In this age of cut throat competition and constant pressure to excel in your exams, a guidance can do wonders for you in both ways.

We aim to provide education and guidance for all, anytime and anywhere.

And help you be the best version of yourself.


We work hard to provide you the best quality lectures, notes and assignments

  • Elaborate and complete lectures for each subject
  • Q & A section for each topic to clear your doubts
  • Downloadable notes
  • Assignments
  • Weekly live sessions

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Our Company

Witonomy Online Studios was started with the sole aim of reaching out to all those who couldn’t afford or couldn’t benefit from classroom education.

We understand that each kid has his own pace of learning and  have designed our courses in a way that it is easy to grasp and retain it for long.

We give you the choice of becoming self reliant and boost your confidence to face the exams with utmost joy and enthusiasm.

Our Team

We are group of enthusiasts and educators who are young and driven.

A great blend of youth and experience.

Kaif Ali

Marketing Manager



Saif Ali

Director | Founder | Content Creator